Insect Traps & Lures

Monitor and control insect populations at a garden or farm scale.

Traps are an efficient way to attract, trap and monitor insect problems. Trapping begins to break the reproductive cycle and is the first step in identifying and developing controls for pests. ARBICO Organics offer a wide variety of traps that commonly use pheromone lures, baits, or contain sticky substances that are fixed to different colored surfaces attracting specific types of insects.

  • Household Pest and Insect Traps generally use bait, color or pheromones to attract the pest insects. The trapping may be done using sticky substances or inescapable jars.
  • Farm and Garden Insect Traps use pheromone, color or odors to attract insects and sticky substances to trap them.
  • Insect Monitoring Traps are designed for growers with a specific pest they wish to monitor and control. These are also available in larger quantities.

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