Omnivorous Leafroller

Omnivorous Leafroller Control

Platynota stultana

Omnivorous Leafrollers are natives of north-western Mexico and the Southwestern US, principally Arizona and Texas. These pests have now moved into California and can be a major pest of stone fruit, grapes and other fruit crops. They were inadvertently introduced into Hawaii in the mid-1980's and have established a toehold there as well. In additions to food crops, they have been known to feed on roses, yews, pines, and various grasses. They target a wide variety of crops. The leaf rolling activity is not damaging to crops; but they are known to attack flower buds (reducing crop numbers) and the fruit. The majority of their damage occurs as fruit are ripening and their feeding allows rot organisms to enter the fruit at the open sites.

Biological controls with beneficial predators including green lacewing and minute pirate bugs help by consuming the young leafrollers.

Sprays with Bacillus thurengiensis kurstaki or Spinosad work to control the larval stage.

Adult moths emerge in May or June to lay eggs in orchards on leaves and fruit. They directly damage fruit that they feed on by puncturing the surface of the fruit.

For control products and more information please see our Caterpillars and Moths Control page.

Photo courtesy of: Barry Freeman, Auburn University,

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