This year, we celebrate forty years of environmental stewardship and serving our customers.

ARBICO Organics™ began in 1979 when Rick Frey embarked on a new endeavor in Tucson, AZ - rearing and selling insects that parasitize developing flies (Fly Eliminators™). Rick's wife, Sheri, had a passion for the environment and the two teamed up to become pioneers of organic growing, promoting their philosophy of "bio-balance" by offering customers sustainable pest control alternatives.

We proudly rear insects at our insectary in Catalina, AZ.

In the early '80s, as demands for Fly Eliminators grew, ARBICO expanded to a 10 acre facility nestled in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson. There we built our insectary and it's where we continue to rear our Fly Eliminators and Assassin Bugs. As insect growers, we strive to maintain the affordability and quality of our products.

We have an expanded product line to meet our customers' diversified needs.

Throughout the 1990's and into the 2000's we have added over 20 different kinds of insects and thousands of other products to our offerings. We are proud to provide carefully curated pesticide-free and non-toxic solutions for your home, garden, agricultural and livestock needs.

Our team continues to grow to support our customers from start to finish.

In 2011, ARBICO expanded to a facility that includes a retail location, offices and warehouse in Oro Valley, AZ. This main facility houses our team of specialized personnel that offer our customers knowledge and support.

We continue to challenge ourselves to provide the best products we can and to deliver them in a timely manner to our customers. What started with one bug has grown to include so much more and we continue to thank the support of our customers and our community of family, friends and coworkers who have made this all possible!

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