Assassin Bugs, Zelus renardii

Leafhopper Assassin Bug

ARBICO Organics™ is happy to provide Assassin Bugs for general insect control that are raised in our very own insectary here in Catalina, AZ. The Leafhopper Assassin Bug (Zelus renardii) are excellent general predators in gardens and greenhouses and remain predatory in all life stages. Their rapid feeding habits and tendency to kill for the sake of killing make them ideal for continued control of various pest insect populations including but not limited to leafhoppers, aphids, mealybugs, thrips, 1st instar caterpillars and more. Assassin Bugs also have the ability to feed on larger prey than many of their beneficial insect counterparts. Their wide range of food sources and high reproduction rate allow Assassin Bugs to maintain and even grow their population without high pest numbers.

Benefits of Assassin Bugs:

  • Active in high temperatures/low humidities
  • "Kill for sport", all life stages predatory
  • Resin produced on their legs and rostrum increases ability to capture prey
  • High reproduction rates without specific food sources
  • Two month life span
  • Not attracted to synthetic light sources
  • Visible once hatched, more easily monitored

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