Fly Eliminator Customer Testimonials

Thank you to all of our Fly Eliminator customers and especially those who have told us how well our fly parasites have worked.

This aloe horse spray is awesome. I find it works better than any other fly repellant, even Endure! Also, the parasites appear to have worked well for us this year. We will definitely buy them again next year. Also, your customer service representative who helped me with my first order (for the parasites) was excellent--very helpful and informative. Thanks for your good service.

Susan W.
Norman, OK

I wasn't going to order this year because I didn't really have a fly problem last year. Ha Ha. That's because I used your product last year. I have at least 80 billion flies now, so I can't wait to get my first package!!!

Sarah C.
Littlerock, CA

My barn owner is amazed at the significant decrease in flies this year while using the fly parasites. We have two horses as well as 7 pigs and everyone has noticed the absence of the flies, so I'm sure we will be using the fly parasites from now on. Thanks for a great, safe product and an alternative to chemicals in combatting the flies.

Martha Quinlan-Poole
Cortland, NY

Due to a severe neck and back injury I was unable to start with the fly parasites this spring. The flies are horrible this year. Last year we never needed to spray the horses or put the fly mask on. Thanks for a product that truly does what you say. We will never miss a spring shipment again.

Bruce S.
Aberdeen, MD

I have been using your Fly Eliminators for several years and am always delighted that my “town” friends have more flies than I do out here at the farm. One year my husband said I shouldn’t bother getting these spendy “bugs” because we “didn’t have flies” You can imagine by the end of summer he had changed his tune and thinks they are a REALLY good investment in keeping a nice farm where potential new miniature horse owners visit. I have friends who don’t have “bugs” and I am always amazed by the fly populations there. I generally feed at eight at night so on bug day I stroll around and throw bugs and hay in the same trip. I am very satisfied with the results even if they are “spendy” I have no idea how much I might spend on repellents, barn sprays etc. The only time I use repellents is when we are away from home. Thanks for such a good management system.

Kate Beevers
Bonsai Run Miniature Horses

Hello Arbico: I wanted to let you folks know how much I love your fly parasite program. I have used it on my horse farm for two or three years now. I have absolutely NO barn flies and I have five horses that live in the hot and humid South. I still have what I call "helicopter flies". They are the very large (as big as my thumb) flies that only bother horses and cows. But, the nasty little barn flies? None, nada, zip. I also use your mosquito dunks and the crystals-aquabac in my ponds and drainage ditches. I have so few mosquitoes, my friends just don't believe it. This is the first year I haven't had to spray what I consider toxic chemicals on my horses to protect them from flies and mosquitos. Your products have done a wonderful job!

Kerry Warren-Couch
Sanctuary Farm
Nichols, SC

Just wanted to send a brief note to say how pleased we are with your Fly Eliminators! It's our first month of using them and what a significant reduction in the fly population around our barn. We actually began seeing a significant reduction in the amount of flies around our barn in 4-5 days. As you suggested, I spread them around our muck pile, in our horse stalls, and the outside grassy areas by the barn. It's only been 3 weeks and the amount of files is very minimal now. We must have a reduction of 90-95% in the fly population. What a great relief ! It seems rare these days, that you use a product that meets all of the advertising promises, however your Fly Eliminators do! We have a barn of 11 horses without any type of fly preventative equipment. Our North Carolina summers are hot & humid and your Fly Eliminators are making our time spent around the barn with our horses much more enjoyable instead of always swatting flies from your face.

Thanks very much for a superior product! We look forward to using Fly Eliminators throughout our Southern fly season! Thanks again,

Charlie Frisbee
Barn Manager
Black Horse Run
Raleigh, NC

It was nice to get a separate instruction email from Arbico before I got my shipment -- communication is always a plus. That email came from a person, identified by name, and had specifics about the handling of my order (when and how often to expect it) and a toll-free support number. It was easy to compare offerings and make a selection from their website. We bought a subscription program, and from the professionalism of the website, ordering process, and shipment, Im not worried about receiving the rest of the packages. The package came with further instructions, and a packing slip indicating my order was prepaid, so no chance for confusion.

Rob A.
DeSoto, KS

Arbico has been a joy to purchase from. Received the fly parasites very quickly with good instructions on how to release the little guys. Every time I e-mailed them, I received a friendly response right away (very important to me). I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for an alternative to toxic fly controls.

Alice Flowers
Rio Linda, CA

We picked this company because their website was very informative about the item we were looking for and told us what we needed to know right off the bat. Everything was very clear and the price was comparable to other companies who's websites were hard to follow. They also ship via UPS which is a must with us. The email we received telling us that our item had been shipped was very personable, explaining what to do once we received our item and to contact them with an questions. It was a nice surprise to get a real email and not one that seemed to be generically written and automatically sent. Overall great experience.

Doug B
Cocoa, FL

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