Grape Leafhoppers

Grape Leafhopper Control

Erythroneura elegantula

Grape Leafhoppers are scarcely more than 0.12" in length, pale yellow with red-yellow or black markings on the front wings. Adults emerge in spring and lay eggs in stems and in larger leaf veins.

Grape leafhoppers, both nymphs and adults, suck the juices from the lower surfaces of grape leaves. This causes the foliage to become blotched with tiny white spots and may turn yellow or brown. It can also cause stunting, whitening, and leaf-curling. They can cause a browning disease called "hopperburn" and carry other viruses that can be passed on to plants.

Management of the grape leafhopper is rarely needed but sprays with Neem Oil, Surround WP, or PyGanic are organically acceptable.

For more information please see our Leafhopper and Planthopper Control page.

Photo Courtesy of: Ohio State University, Department of Entomology, Grape IPM Team.

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