Soil Prep & Planting

Prepare Your Soil & Select Proper Plant Varieties For Success

Soil preparation begins well before planting with the selection of the right Soil Medium for what, where and how you are growing. Make sure drainage and nutrition levels are sufficient for your crop selection. Soil Amendments and Inoculants, such as Root Maximizer and EM-1, may be necessary to optimally prepare your planting area for the crops you are growing. You can easily diagram and make note of what you have done using ARBICO's Garden Planner. Correct timing of planting, selecting native and/or disease resistant varieties and proper spacing of crops are keys to successfully setting up your growing area. Take what has worked well in past plantings and evaluate its possible effectiveness in your current setting.

Once you have prepared the area for what you will be growing you can move on to Forecasting what to expect during the growing season.

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