Northern Masked Chafer

Cyclocephala borealis

Northern Masked Chafer Control

Northern Masked Chafers is a native species to North America. The larval (or grub) stage is very destructive to turfgrass as they burrow through the soil and eat the roots. Frequently there is secondary damage as vertebrate predators of the grubs – moles, gophers for example scavenge for the grubs.

Symptoms of an infestation are blades or patches of grass that pull easily, sometimes turf will roll back like carpet, and brown patches. The adult beetle is nearly ½" long, chestnut brown, and covered with fine hairs. The adult beetle is not considered to be a pest. The larvae are curved, white with brown heads, and resemble small white grubs. The grubs overwinter in the soil. The adults emerge in late June to mate and lay eggs.

Treat the soil in spring and autumn with beneficial nematodes – Heterorhabditis bacteriaphora or Steinernema riobrave Steinernema riobrave. are recommended.

For control products and more information please see our Pest Grub and Beetle Control page.

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