Beneficial Nematodes Selection Chart

Beneficial Nematode Variety Selection Charts

Beneficial Nematode VarietiesFirst, if you know the pest you're dealing with, use the Pest Chart to locate your pest and find the recommended nematode variety or varieties listed. If there is more than one recommended, then use the Soil Type Chart and make your selection based on your particular soil type.

If you don't know which pests you have or have a variety of pests, use the General Application by Crop Chart to select the recommended variety of beneficial nematodes. If there is more than one recommended type, then choose which one by your soil type in the Soil Type Chart or Choose a Combo Pack.

Name of Pest Nematode Variety
American Cockroach Sc
Armyworm Sc
Ants (Queen) Hb
Artichoke Plume Moth Sc
Asian Cockroach Sc
Asparagus Beetle Hb
Bagworm Hb
Banana Weevil Hb
Banana Moth Hb
Beet Armyworm Sc, Sf
Berry Root Weevil Hb
Bill Bug Hb
Black Cutworm Sc, Sf
Black Vine Weevil Sc, Hb
Bluegrass Weevil Sc
Borers (Tree and Vine) Hb, Sc, Sf
Cabbage Maggot Sf
Carrot Weevil Hb
Caterpillars Sc
Chafer (European, Masked) Hb
Citrus Root Weevil Hb
Codling Moth Sc, Sf
Colorado Potato Beetle Hb
Corn Earworm Sc, Sf
Corn Root Worm Hb
Cotton Bollworm Sc
Cranberry Girdler Sc
Cranberry Root Weevil Hb
Cucumber Beetle Sc, Sf, Hb
Cutworm Sc
Fall Armyworm Sc
Flea (Larvae, Pupae) Sc
Flea (Adult) Hb
Flea Beetle Hb
Fly Larvae Sc
Fruit Fly Sc, Sf
Fungus Gnats Sf, Hb
Gall Midge Hb
German Cockroach Sc
Grape Root Borer Hb
Grubs Hb
Humpbacked Flies Sf
Iris Borer Hb
Japanese Beetle Hb
Large Pine Weevil Sc
Leafminers Sc, Sf
May/June Beetles Hb
Mole Crickets Sc
Navel Orangeworm Sc
Onion Maggot Sf
Pill Bug Sf
Raspberry Crown Borer Sf
Scarabs Hb
Sclarid Sf
Shore Flies Sf
Sod Webworm Sc
Strawberry Root Weevil Sc
Sugarcane Stalk Borer Hb
Sweet Potato Weevil Sf, Hb
Termite (Queen) Hb
Termite (Subterranean) Sf
Termite (Worker/Soldier) Sc
Thrips Sf
Ticks Sf, Hb
Tobacco Budworm Sc
Tobacco Cutworm Sf
Wireworm Sc
Nematode Varieties
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Steinernema feltiae
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NemaSeek™ Hb
Heterorhabditis bacteriophora
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General Application by Crop
Use the chart below to choose the correct variety of beneficial nematodes for general applications on certain crops. The nematode variety will work for the most common pests that affect the crops listed below and are recommendations based on general pest prevention. This is helpful when you're not sure which pests are present, but have dealt with pests in the past.

General Crop Applications Nematode Variety
Citrus Hb
Fruit Sf
Fruit Trees Sc, Sf, Hb
Fruit Vines Sc, Hb
Greenhouses Sf
Mushrooms Sf, Hb
Nut Trees Sc
Ornamentals Sc, Sf, Hb
Turf & Pasture Sc, Hb
Vegetables Sc, Sf, Hb

Soil Type Chart
Know your soil type. If there is more than one reccomended nematode type, then choose which one by your soil type in the Soil Conditions Chart below.

Soil Conditions Best Suited Variety
Clay or Silt Sf, Hb
Sandy Sc, Hb
Cultivated or Disturbed Sc, Sf
Undisturbed Hb

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