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Merry Christmas, America!

December 20, 2019: Last year at this time, I wrote a blog about Christmas events around the world, so this time around figured I'd explore closer to home and see what goes on in our country. What I found was, that when you remove the faith-based aspects of the season and other cultural celebrations (shout out to Kwanzaa), Christmas looks remarkably similar across the US. Everybody seems to like ornaments, Santa, Christmas trees and the general sparkle of the season. Where the differences lie are in the ethnic histories of communities, which makes sense in an immigrant country as diverse and multicultural as ours.

In parts of Louisiana it's not just Christmas, it's Cajun Christmas. Cajuns are descendants of French Canadian Catholics who arrived in the area in the late 1700's. The story of these people, known as Acadians...Read More >>


Seeing the Future in the Past: Native American Women and Science

November 14, 2019: Since 1990, Americans have recognized November as Native American Heritage Month. In this piece, I am going to maintain the respectful acknowledgement that this calls for. I do this despite the recent proclamation that November will now be called,"National American History and Founders Month". I mean, c'mon...

I arrive at my topic today via a suggestion from a colleague, Anissa. Our Anissa is an active member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. The Yaquis (or Yo'emen) have lived in our part of southern Arizona and neighboring northern Mexico since at least 552 AD. Of course, there was no US/Mexico border then and, to this day, Yaquis traditionally disregard it as an abstract construct. They maintain communities on both sides and travel back and forth at will. For obvious good reasons, Anissa is proud of her deep-rooted heritage and wholeheartedly participates in tribal life. She especially loves to watch the Deer Dancer, an ancient and moving experience. Beyond her indigenous roots, Anissa is very much a modern, educated and forward-thinking woman. Read More >>


Partnership Announcement - Rx Green Technologies

October 22, 2019: ARBICO Organics is privileged and excited to announce our partnership with Rx Green Technologies as a distributor for their complete line of cannabis nutrients and additives. Rx Green Technologies focuses on cannabis specific research & development to ensure the highest quality product for cultivators growing indoors and outdoors. Their products are designed with scalability in mind for both small and large cultivation facilities.

R & D - Always improving. Always seeking. Rx Green Technologies has a team of scientists with years of experience in the traditional agriculture and cannabis industries. This wide-ranging experience combined with their consistent desire to improve has led them to develop some of the highest quality products catered to the cannabis market. Read More >>

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