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Praying Mantids - So Much More Than Most People Think

February 8, 2019: Praying Mantids seem familiar and cute to many people, but I have to wonder how many really understand just how complex and murderous they really are. Here are just some of the things that make them fascinating and creepy:

Eyes –Those giant eyes on either side of their triangular heads may seem endearing and quizzical when they slant their heads and look at you, much like when your dog looks at you and tilts his head. However, the mantis's gesture is anything but loving or lovable. Those eyes see in 3D and each has an area in it (the fovea), that allows the insect to focus on and track an object more intently. On top of all that, they have 3 simple eyes in between the big ones. All this is designed to find prey with pinpoint precision... Read More >>

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