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Protecting Your Pets From Summer's Flying, Biting Insects

April 26, 2019: In recent weeks, I have written about how to create an enjoyable outdoor space and how to plant to attract pollinators, now it's time to take our animal companions into consideration. You can have a beautiful yard and a pollinator-friendly garden, but none of it can be properly enjoyed if mosquitoes and flies are making themselves at home there. And if insects are making you uncomfortable, your pets are also miserable out there.

As we move into summer (some of us already there - it will be 98°F here today), biting insects are coming out. Mosquitoes and flies are annoying pests that go beyond merely being pesky into being hazardous to health... Read More >>


Bring All The Pollinators To Your Yard

April 19, 2019: We have all heard about the decline in pollinators and the real-world implications are truly frightening. But what can one person do? Plenty, as it turns out. Make the commitment to support pollinators in your own small part of the world - your yard or garden. It only takes a few thoughtfully considered steps to turn your space in a pollinators' haven.

When thinking of pollinators, it is important to remember that not all pollinators are honeybees. In North America, it is estimated that honey bees make up about 1/3 of active pollinators... Read More >>


Make Your Garden Much More Than What You Plant

March 22, 2019: Fornari advocates for taking some time at the end of the workday to put down your devices and sit outside and just relax in your garden, either with other people or as some alone-time. Refreshing alcoholic beverages are optional, of course; but there are some really interesting plant-infused libations that you really owe it to yourself to try. There may even be some that have ingredients you can directly source from your yard. The point is that a yard or garden should be not be seen as a set of chores or just as a food resource, but instead should be actively enjoyed in and of itself.

It doesn't matter if your outdoor area is expansive or small... Read More >>

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