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Root Weevils

Otiorhynchus sp.

Root Weevil Control Root weevils is a general term that encompasses a number of species of these pests that feed on the roots and leaves of berry and ornamental plants. They can cause extensive damage to host plants. The most common root weevils are the strawberry root weevils (Otiorhynchus ovatus and O. rugostriatus), the black vine weevil (O. sulcatus) and the lilac weevil (O. meridionalis)

Adults are 1/4" to 1/2" long beetles with long, protruding noses and pear-shaped bodies with gray, black, or brown coloring. They do not fly, but will drop to the ground when disturbed. Most overwinter as full grown larvae, and most adults emerge in June. All root weevils are egg-laying females, males are not known to exist.

See below for control options. For information about different species of weevils click here.

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