A group of organic pesticides derived from Chrysanthemum cinerarifolium.

The term pyrethrins refers to a collection of six esters, which are found in high concentrations within the achenes of the flower. Pyrethrins are commonly used for organic home and garden Pest Control, pest control around livestock, crop protection in farming and public health when controlling Mosquitoes and other large-scale public nuisances due to its fast-acting nature. Common pests controlled by pyrethrins include Flies, Mites (plant & poultry), Thrips, cucumber beetle, Japanese Beetle, Squash Bugs, Leafhoppers and Whiteflies.

Pyrethrins serve as broad spectrum insecticides that target insect nervous systems and are used for rapid elimination or knockdown of the soft-bodied and shelled pest insect populations. Use caution if beneficial insects have been released or if pollinators are present. Once they come in contact with an insect, pyrethrins induce excited behavior in the insect, which results in increased insect exposure to the pyrethrins and eventual death. Always follow recommended application rates on product labels and consult a pesticide specialist if you have concerns about your particular usage of pyrethrin-based products.

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