Slugs & Snails

Snails and slugs can be nuisances in gardens, as they will devour plant leaves and leave behind a slimy residue. They feed on a wide range of host plants, but are especially partial to young, succulent plants. Both snails and slugs are most active at night and on overcast days.

There are several hundred reported species of snails. Like slugs, the common garden snail will chew through young plants and stems on your garden. They are usually of some shade of gray, but shells vary from nearly white to brown to black and are often ornamented with stripes or mottling of contrasting colors.

Snails deposit eggs in moist habitats, and the eggs require a year or more to develop to maturity. Both snails and slugs have slime glands that aid them as they crawl on their foot. Most snails feed on dead plants and animals.

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