Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap Kit - 2 Traps/Lures

Lure & Trap Yellow Jackets In Your Backyard, Park Or Campsite!
  • Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap Kit - 2 Traps/Lures
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Many people consider Yellow Jackets and Wasps dangerous nuisances in their yards and gardens. However, they are actually very beneficial as efficient predators for plant-eating insects, such as caterpillars, and nuisance insects like spiders and flies. For this reason, we recommend only trapping Yellow Jackets and Wasps when human or pet health is at risk.

This trap will attract and kill all Vespula species, which are the predominant species throughout North America. The lure draws them in and they become attached to the sticky paper and die. Attach the trap to a tree limb or garden pole near where people congregate, but out of the reach of children and pets. It is important to remember that this trap will draw the insects to it, so you do not want it too close to where you want to be. If deployed in early Spring, you may be able to capture the queen and keep the colony from forming on your property. In late Summer and Fall, as fruit trees and other crops mature and colonies have grown large, you may see larger numbers of Yellow Jackets and Wasps in and around picnics, garbage cans and pet food dishes left outside. Please bear in mind, that Yellow Jackets and Wasps are not pollinators, but a moderate amount of these predatory insects are very useful in keep crop-eating insects at bay.

This Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap Kit comes with everything you need: two sticky traps, two 45-day lures, 4 hangers and instructions. This trap is very easy to put together, as you'll see in the thorough step-by-step instructions, which are both written and illustrated with photos. It also has a Species Identification Guide so that you can determine just what is pestering you.

Suggested Uses: For use in outdoor areas to monitor, control and kill all Vespula species.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: For use to selectively attract (in order to control, monitor and kill) all Vespula species, including Blackjackets (Vespula consobrina), Eastern Yellow Jackets (Vespula maculifrons), California Yellow Jackets (Vespula sulphurea), Forest Yellow Jackets (Vespula acadica), German Yellow Jackets (Vespula germanica), Ground Hornets (Vespula vidua), Prairie Yellow Jacket (Vespula atropilosa), Southern Yellow Jacket (Vespula squamosal) and Western Yellow Jacket (Vespula pensylvanica).


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