Soil Fungicides

Fungal diseases can be some of the most damaging and costly conditions for organic growers to combat in the garden. Even if you are not seeing extensive damage, the pathogens may be thriving underground while sapping vital energy from the plants and reducing harvest yields. Soil fungicides are anti-fungal products that prevent and kill fungal diseases growing in the soil medium. Best used preventatively, soil fungicides come in a variety of forms from pH buffers to biofungicides.

Biofungicides are in increasingly high demand due to their complementary activity with other microbial life in the soil. Most biofungicides allow beneficial fungi, bacteria and other plant-symbiotic organisms to thrive while targeting and outcompeting the detrimental ones. Common ingredients in biofungicides include:

Whether you are a gardener or farmer, always identify the disease being treated if symptoms are present. Either consult with a local farm extension agent or call us at 1-800-827-2847. Once identified, it is time to select the best organic fungicide for the job.

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