Floating Row Covers

Floating Row Covers are used to insulate plants from cold weather, diffuse light and protect crops from weather damage. They are recommended for use on row crops, but can be cut to fit container plantings, shrubs and other temperature sensitive plants. Floating row covers differ from shade cloth in material and usage, so use each accordingly.

Floating Row Covers can help repel insects, birds and squirrels as well as extend the growing season. The thickness of material in floating row covers varies depending on the level of insulation and light transmission they provide. Lighter weight fabric provides less frost protection, but allows more light to pass through and reach the plants. For best efficacy using floating row covers, remember to do the following:

  • Place drip irrigation or soaker hoses underneath row covers.
  • Place the row covers early in the season to extend your growing season and keep pest insects from laying eggs in the cultivation area. This is helpful in reducing the incidence of pest infestations.
  • If you use row covers to extend the growing season, place them in late summer or early autumn.

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