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June Bugs

June Bug Control

June Bugs

The term June Bugs is used interchangeably with June beetles, May bugs, and May beetles. June Bug is the common name for over 200 species in North America. Makes one appreciate binomial nomenclature! Some of the beetles that fall under the umbrella of the common name June Beetle:

  • More than 260 species of Phyllophaga
  • Figeater Beetle (Cotinis mutabilis)
  • European Chafer Beetle (Rhizotrogus majalis)
  • and the Green June Beetle (Cotinis nitida)

They have several behaviors and habits in common:

  • They are active at night.
  • They are not aggressive toward humans and other mammals. They don't bite.
  • They are attracted to lights at night.
  • They are clumsy in flight, fairly large and quite plump.
The larval stage (grubs) lives in the soil and eats roots of plants and turf grasses while the adults feed on plant foliage and eat leaves of both deciduous and coniferous trees.

Use Beneficial NematodesBeneficial Nematodes to control the grub stage of June beetles.

For more information on controlling the adult stage, please see our Pest Beetle Control page.

June Bug Larvae. Photo courtesy of Clemson University Department of Entomology, Soils & Plant Sciences, Cooperative Extension Service.

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