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Pest Wizard Assorted Sticky Traps

Not Sure What Sticky Traps You Need? Try These Out And Find Your Best Fit!
  • Pest Wizard Assorted Sticky Traps
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This assortment of rectangular sticky traps offers a variety of sizes and colors to address almost any common garden pest problem or area. This selection contains one each of the Large Yellow (5½"x 8"), medium-sized (3½ x 8") Blue/Yellow, smallish Mini Yellow (3¼" x 5") and small (3" x 5") Green Traps. From these sizes, you should be able to find the one that best suits your needs.

These traps can be used alone or with an added attractant (such as an essential oil) or lure. They are especially effective when used with a pheromone lure to target specific pests. Each unique color has been shown to attract specific insects, with some insects being very particular color-wise and others liking all the colors. For instance, thrips are drawn to the color blue and pests on beans really go for the green traps. Aphids, on the other hand, are fickle and can be caught by all the colors. This selection of colors gives you an opportunity to see what your particular pests like best.

These durable traps are all UV and weather-resistant to maintain top-notch performance, no matter where you place them. In addition, each one is coated with Messyless Adhesive™, which reacts with light in a very specific way to increase your capture rate and keeps insects firmly caught. Use these gridded traps to identify and monitor your insect population and keep using them to track how well your pest management program is going.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Use to attract, monitor and kill many insect species, including aphids (Aphidoidea spp), whitefly (Aleyrodoidea spp), fruit flies, thrips (Thysanoptera spp), leafhoppers (Hemipteran spp), beetles (Coleopterav), psyllids (Psyllidae sppv), sharpshooters (Proconiini sppv) and many other insects.


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