Root Knot Nematode Control

Root knot nematodes are tiny, almost microscopic, wormlike creatures that are very common in soil. They have a wide range of host plants, tomatoes one of the most critically affected, and very widespread distribution.

Root knot nematodes thrive in very moist conditions in the soil. They require a film of water around the soil before they are able to move, and the eggs cannot hatch without sufficient moisture. Unfortunately, the same conditions that allow root knot nematodes to prosper are the same that make most plants flourish. Root knot nematodes are parasitic creatures that live off the cells of their host plant. They excrete enzymes that cause plant cells to enlarge, creating galls or lumps ranging from 1mm to 10mm in diameter to develop all over the roots. Effects of a root knot nematode infestation include stunting, wilting, yellowing, reduction of flowering, fruit set, and fruit development, and sometimes even plant death.

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