Disease Control

Disease Solutions for Garden Plants & Crops


Plant diseases caused by bacteria are not as prevalent as those caused by fungi, but can nonetheless be damaging. Common plant bacterial diseases include bacterial leaf spot, some blights and citrus greening (Huanglongbing). The damage caused by bacterial infection results primarily in the rotting of the plant tissue, but can exhibit symptoms like gall production, cankers, scabs and unsuitable crop harvest.


Fungi, along with bacteria, serve as the planet's main decomposers by breaking down organic material and many form symbiotic relationships with plants (ARBICO Organics Root Build 240); however, the parasitic relationship some fungi develop with plants (e.g. rusts, fungal leaf spot, powdery mildew, etc.) can damage the plants and it is important to have a proper fungicide to minimize those effects.


Viruses in plants are transmitted most often by sucking insects such as aphids, psyllids and whiteflies. Infected plants typically become partially damaged and weakened; however, some viruses will kill the plant.

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