Carrot Weevils

Listronotus oregonensis

Carrot Weevil

The adult weevil is brown with a hard shell and a snout. It's about 1/5" long. The larvae looks like a white, C-shaped grub. This pest overwinters as an adult in the location where the carrots have been grown, they use garden debris and litter to protect themselves. Because of these behaviors, it is important to consider crop rotation and keeping a clean garden area as control mechanisms. Onions, lettuce and potatoes are excellent, non-hosting crops to use in rotation with carrots and the other vegetables that are hosts for the carrot weevil. Carrot weevils will infest and damage celery, parsnips, and parsley.

The adult beetles feed on plant foliage. The females lay eggs in the carrot roots through small punctures. For control products, please see the list below.

For information about different species of weevil click here.

Photo courtesy of Alton N. Sparks, Jr., The University of Georgia,

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