Captivator® Fly Trap

A Budget-Friendly Fly Trap That's A Real Workhorse.
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This lightweight, yet heavy-duty, half-gallon (2 qt.) sized trap can stand up to the elements and keep working for months of fly control. It only takes three easy steps to get things going with this trap: dump attractant in, add water and place outside. Rinse and rebait when it dries out or becomes full of flies, or after 30 days - whichever comes first. Take care to choose a location that is away from where you and your animals want to be as this trap is very smelly and will quickly attract lots of flies. Comes with one 30 gm. water-soluble attractant pouch that activates once wet.

Suggested Uses: Use to attract, trap and kill filth-breeding flies.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Attracts filth-breeding flies, including house flies (Musca domestica), blow flies (Calliphoridae spp.), flesh flies (Sarcophagidae spp.), blue bottle flies (Calliphora vomitoria), green bottle flies (Lucilia sericata), dump flies (Hydrotaea) and dung flies (Scathophagidae).


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