Scentry Multigard Trap (Fluorescent Yellow) - Case of 100

BUY IN BULK & SAVE!!!! Control some very difficult to manage beetles with these green wavelength sticky traps. $25 Handling Fee(per order, not per product)
  • Scentry Multigard Trap (Fluorescent Yellow) - Case of 100
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Common garden and farm pests are attracted to the yellow color of these traps. There is no need to bait with pheromone lures, simply place and go. Multigard Fluorescent Yellow Traps will trap aphids, thrips, leafminers, whiteflies and corn rootworm adults. The grid pattern allows for easy monitoring and population estimation. These traps should not be used to control a pest infestation, but can be an important tool in identifying pests and determining the best treatment moving forward.

Multigard Yellow Traps are the perfect choice for field, nursery or home garden use. To target specific pests, pheromone lures can be added for added attraction or monitoring purposes. Some of these include lures for apple maggots, vine mealybug and walnut husk fly.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Apple Maggot, Banded Cucumber Beetle, Mexican Corn Rootworm, Northern Corn Rootworm, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Vine Mealybug, Walnut Husk Fly, Western Corn Rootworm, Western Cucumber Beetle, Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle


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