How To Build Your Fly Control Program

STEP 1: Find The Fly Zone Containing Your State

Fly Control Zone Map

You may have to shift up or down a zone depending on your particular elevation or microclimate.

Southern US Climates
Middle US Climates
Northern US Climates
First Shipment:
Week of February 18, 2019

Mid November
First Shipment:
Week of March 18, 2019
Mid October
First Shipment:
Week of April 22, 2019
Mid September
All Year Fly Control Programs
For climates that have flies all year. Start Anytime.

STEP 2: Choose A Shipment Frequency

Program TypeShipment/Application Frequency
REGULAR PROGRAMS:Ships every 4 weeks. For low to average fly levels, frequent manure management and few neighbors.
PREMIUM PROGRAMS:Ships every 3 weeks. For average to high fly levels with weekly manure management or nearby livestock.
SUPREME PROGRAMS:Ships every 2 weeks. For high fly levels with infrequent manure management and nearby livestock.

STEP 3: Identify The Unit Size That Is Best For The Number of Animals You Have

Unit sizes are determined by the total number of animals on the property being treated. Most common animals are comparable to horses and we use horses as an estimation tool. Some animals, like cattle and chickens, require different amounts and/or shipment frequency. For these animals, please call us at 1-800-827-2847 to set up a custom program.

STEP 4: Select The Total Number Of Fly Eliminators Shipments

We understand that you know your needs the best and encourage you to find the program that fits those needs. Ensure the final shipment date is set around the time of year when you stop seeing flies. This can vary based on altitude, microclimate, neighboring properties, etc. If you have questions about setting up a program, contact us via telephone or email for a free fly control consultation.

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