How To Select Your Fly Control Zone

STEP 1: Find Your Fly Zone

Fly Control Zone Map

You may have to shift up or down a zone depending on your particular elevation or microclimate.

Southern US Climates
Middle US Climates
Northern US Climates
First Shipment:
Week of February 20, 2018

Mid November
First Shipment:
Week of March 20, 2018
Mid October
First Shipment:
Week of April 24, 2018
Mid September
All Year Fly Control Programs
For climates that have flies all year. Start Anytime.

STEP 2: Choose A Shipment Frequency

Suggested Frequency of Shipments: (for horse owners)
Every 3 Weeks: Suggested if you have high pest fly levels, little or no manure management and/or close neighbors with horses/animals.
Every 4 Weeks: Suggested if you have low to average pest fly levels, some manure management and few neighbors.

STEP 3: Identify The Unit Size That Is Best For The Number of Animals You Have

If you have cattle or chickens, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-827-2847 to set up a custom program.

*These are units of measurement, not warranties or guarantees of performance. The total seasonal cost of Fly Eliminators™ depends on the recommended number of shipments which may be different than what competitors may recommend. We recommend releasing a shipment every 2-4 weeks throughout the fly season, but releases ranging from 1-6 weeks are not uncommon. Customer experiences may vary. The quantity required and frequency of application can differ according to region, size, condition of property or stables, severity of fly problem, neighbors, manure management, number of animals and start date of program. All warranties, expressed or implied are disclaimed.
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