European Apple Sawfly

European Apple Sawfly Control

Hoplocampa testudinea

The European Apple Sawfly was first noted on Long Island, NY and on Vancouver Island, Victoria B.C. in 1939. They have spread slowly to New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire and southern New York. They overwinter as a mature larva in an earthen cell a few centimeters below the surface of the soil. The larva pupates in the spring and adults emerge during the pink stage of apples. The female European apple sawfly lays its eggs just after the king flower opens. Eggs are deposited singly at the calyx end of the flower, often at the base of or between the stamens.

Surround WP can be sprayed on trees after 90% of petal drop occurs. No insecticides are recommended for this pest.

For control products and more information please see our Borer Control page.

Photo credits: L.P. Berkett; Integrated Managment of Apple Pests in Massachusetts and New England, Coop. Ext. Sys., University of Mass. 1984.

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