Squash Bug

Squash Bug Control

Anasa tristis

Squash Bug are true bugs that attack cucurbits. This includes melons, pumpkins and squash plants. Both the nymphs and the adults suck sap with their sucking mouthparts. They simultaneously inject a toxic substance into the plant that causes wilt called Anasa Wilt of cucurbits which closely resembles bacterial wilt. Symptoms of Anasa Wilt include wilted leaves that may become black and crisp.

They can also vector in a bacterial disease that causes CYVD (cucurbit yellow vine disease), Serratia marcescens.

Management of Squash Bugs is very difficult using sprays. The best methods include keeping a clean garden by removing debris they will shelter in and exclude them with Floating Row Covers.

The winged adult is gray-black and nearly 25 mm. The nymphs have red legs and green abdomens. They are found throughout the United States and in Southern Canada.

For more information please see our True Bugs Control page.

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