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Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is fast becoming the most cost-effective and efficient way of growing several crops from tomatoes and herbs to greens and medicinal plants. Indoor cultivation allows growers to maximize yields in the growing area, dictate climate conditions (temperature/humidity) easily and keep the growing environment hygienic. Additionally, growing indoors can lengthen your growing season and stimulate multiple harvests. ARBICO Organics provides a variety of products suitable for specialty growing environments including but not limited to greenhouses, grow rooms, aquaponics and hydroponics. More information can be found within the categories below. Please call us if you have questions like any of the following:

We are proud to offer over-the-phone consultations for setting up indoor gardens and integrated pest management programs for common (and uncommon) pest insect infestations. View and print our Quick Pest Reference Guide for a simplified view of common pest issues and organic controls for each!

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