4-Step Fly Control Program

STEP 1: Biological Fly Control Program

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  • Gnat-sized parasitic wasps that feed upon and breed within developing (pupal) stages of manure breeding flies.
  • Fly Eliminators are used by horse and livestock owners to eliminate flies before they hatch into annoying, disease-carrying adults.
  • Fly Eliminators only parasitize fly pupae and are not a bother to horses, cattle, livestock, pets or plants.
  • Watch our short video showing How To Use Fly Eliminators Around Your Property.
  • Click Here for additional information about the Fly Eliminators.

STEP 2: Manure Management

Remove manure and treat heavily urinated areas in both stalls and surrounding areas. Odor control and microbial inoculation will help eliminate fly breeding habitats.

  • EM-1 is a microbial inoculant spray that can be used to reduce and eliminate fly breeding areas. The bacteria in EM-1 breaks down decaying organic matter that attracts adult flies.
  • SCD Barn Kleaner and SCD Odor Away work similarly to EM-1 by beginning to break down odors and substances that attract adult flies. Barn Kleaner can also be applied directly to manure to accelerate decomposition.
  • Composting waste, repairing leaking water and keeping food storage dry will also help get rid of flies.

STEP 3: Maggot Control

Use Beneficial Nematodes near manure/urination areas and other "hot spot" breeding areas to control maggot populations.

  • NemaAttack - Beneficial Nematodes, Sc: Beneficial Nematodes parasitize a wide variety of common pest insects including the maggot stage of flies. After two weeks, noticeable reductions in target pest populations will occur.
  • balEnce Fly Spray: Treat breeding areas and stalls with balance Fly Spray to kill maggots as they develop. Contains a beneficial fungus used for insect control in gardens, farms and livestock settings.
  • Hister Beetle: Commonly released in poultry facilities as a biological fly control. Hister beetles feed on fly eggs and larvae (maggots). Both larvae and adult hister beetles are predatory.

STEP 4: Adult Fly Control

We recommend trapping adult flies and spraying your animals for a complete, effective control measure against adult flies.

  • Solar Fly Trap: Our #1 Selling Fly Trap! This long-lasting aluminum trap works by attracting and trapping adult pest flies with a potent bait mixture. Each trap comes with 1 packet of bait, enough for approximately 5 weeks, but we have recently added multi-trap bundles for larger areas. Simply rinse the trap out and add more bait to use it from season to season.
  • Insect-A-Peel System: Use in barn areas, fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Exposes 300 square inches of yellow sticky trapping surface designed to attract pest insects of all kinds. Effective in a 2,500 square foot area and lasts 20-25 weeks when advanced once weekly.
  • ARBICO Organics Holistic Fly Defense: A safe, essential oil based insect repellent for horses, livestock and pets. Holistic Fly Defense is long lasting, non-staining and effective for repelling manure flies, biting flies, mosquitoes and more. It does not leave an oily residue and may be used on animals inside the barn, stall areas, or outdoors.

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