Mealybug Parasite, Anagyrus pseudococci

Mealybug Parasite for General and Field Applications.
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Excellent way to control mealybugs in greenhouses and grow rooms!

Anagyrus pseudococci mealybug parasites are solitary parasitoid wasps and are shipped as mummies. Commonly part of biocontrol programs for vineyard and farm owners, A. pseudococci is effective against many species of mealybugs including citrus mealybug, grape mealybug, vine mealybug and cypress mealybug.

Optimal Temperatures: 57° – 93°F, RH levels have limited effects on A. pseudococci

What to Expect: The wasps hatch within five days of arrival and immediately begin to oviposit (lay eggs). Each adult lays one egg per host and lays up to 50 eggs in a lifetime. Once an egg is laid inside the mealybug, the larva develops, the mealybug is immobilized, and the adult A. pseudococci hatches out of the mealybug.

A. pseudococci is the most effective vine mealybug parasite, but does not provide enough control on its own. Use with Cryptolaemus montrouzieri for complete control of the vine mealybug.

*** SKU 1132072 (500 Mummies) ships on Tuesdays only and requires a 7-day lead time prior to shipment. If you have questions about the earliest possible shipment date, please contact us at 1-800-827-2847. ***


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