Terroir Seeds - True Greek Oregano

Origanum heracleoticum

A True Mediterranean Heirloom With That Authentic Taste.
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  • Terroir Seeds - True Greek Oregano
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Since ancient times, this classic herb has been grown in the Mediterranean for its incomparable taste and value in folk remedies. Oregano tea has traditionally been used for coughs and indigestion and the oil from the leaves is said to relieve toothaches. This herb will grow into low bushy mounds, about 18" tall, and have numerous, aromatic dark green leaves. The compact growth makes this plant ideal for container gardening. Small white flowers appear in summer and are a favorite of bees and other beneficial insects. This oregano is perennial in most areas and can be used about 5 years as a culinary plant before becoming woody and losing the flavor and texture in its leaves. It can last much longer as an ornamental. The strong flavor of this herb holds well in cooking and combines perfectly with the flavor of tomatoes. It is also superb in egg and cheese dishes, salad dressings, marinated vegetables, with poultry and beef and more.

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