Terroir Seeds - Rocket Arugula

Eruca sativa

This Delicious Green Will Send Your Taste buds Into Orbit!
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Arugula (also known as "roquette" and "rocket salad") is a native of the Mediterranean region, where it grows wild. Ancient Romans enjoyed this plant; they ate the leaves and added the seeds to oil for flavoring. They called it "eruca" and, as the name implies, they believed it to be an aphrodisiac. The poet Virgil purportedly said that it "excited the sexual desire of drowsy people". Since then, it has only grown in popularity around the world. Today you can find it in practically every salad mix sold in stores. All parts of this easy-to-grow annual plant are edible. The leaves will be long and dark green with ruffled edges and are at their most tender when harvested young. This is plant has an extended growing season, which allows for repeated harvesting throughout the summer. This repeated harvesting will be appreciated as the uniquely delicious nutty/peppery flavor will have you coming back for more.

Days To Maturity: 55-60


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