Terroir Seeds - Nantes Scarlet Carrots

Daucus carota var. sativus

An Old School European Classic With A Truly Refined Taste And Texture.
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  • Terroir Seeds - Nantes Scarlet Carrots
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This French import has proven to be successful in most regions of the United States. Nantes Scarlet carrots are a classic carrot, vivid orange with that delicious crunch. These carrots have a fine-grained flesh and virtually no core. They will be cylindrical with blunt ends and grow to about 6-7" long, but you can pick them smaller for baby carrots. This carrot variety stores well, which is a good thing as they will continue to produce all season, as long as they are mulched. The sweetness and high moisture content of this carrot make it exceptional for juicing.

Days To Maturity: 65-75


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