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The Favorite Chile For Millions Of People All Over The World.
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The jalapeno, named for the town of Xalapa in the Mexican state of Veracruz, has deep roots in the history and culture of that country. In modern times, it has enjoyed immense cross-cultural popularity due to its fine flavor, zesty bite and versatility. These lush dark green plants will grow upright to about 26-36"tall and will easily stand up to the heavy load of fruits they will produce. Their thick-walled, pendulous fruits will be sausage-shaped with blunt ends and grow to about 3½ x 1½". Chiles will be dark green at first and then ripen to a vibrant brick red color. The flavor and heat intensifies as they ripen to red; but, even at their reddest, this pepper is considered to only have a medium heat. Both the green and the red stage of the jalapenos are delicious. In Mexican cuisine, the green is chopped up and used in salsas and cooked dishes, pickled whole or simply roasted. The red is smoked with mesquite for chipotle, dried and crushed for chile powder or strung on ristras. You are truly only limited by your imagination as to what to do with all the jalapenos you will have. Jalapenos like well-drained, sandy soil and partial shade so pick the perfect spot in the garden and start dreaming up recipes!

Days To Maturity: 72-75


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