Terroir Seeds - Genovese Basil

Ocimum Basilicum

There Is No Better Basil For Perfect Pesto!
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This annual heirloom herb is highly treasured in its homeland of Italy. Pesto alla Genovese, a traditional European favorite, is only authentic if made with this variety. The leaves of Genovese Basil are smaller than those of Sweet Basil, but they are more aromatic and flavorful and will re-grow quickly after pruning. The pretty pinkish-white flowers are enchanting in any traditional or container garden, but you will want to pinch them off quickly to encourage continued leaf growth. Don't discard these flowers – try them in a salad for a real burst of flavor. You should get 7-8 cuttings per season. This basil is best when eaten fresh, but it will hold up well when frozen. Seeds can be dried and ground to use as a seasoning, but drying the leaves isn't encouraged; when the aromatic oils in the leaves dry out, they lose much of their flavor.

Days To Maturity: 68-78


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