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This Heirloom Is The Ultimate Stuffing Pepper!
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It is believed that this pepper got its name when a Mexican farmer brought these seeds to Anaheim, California at the turn of the century. They quickly gained a following and by 1913 they were being sold in the Fairview Seed Company catalog. With their unparalled taste and size and super-productivity, this popularity is easy to understand. These plants grow to be about 24-30" tall with lots of bushy foliage to provide cover for the peppers as they grow. The 6-8" x 1.5" fruit will be broad-shouldered and tapered to a blunt end. They can be eaten when young and green or when fully ripened to a true red. These peppers are considered to be only mildly hot; but individual fruits may be hotter or milder than others. The size and shape of this pepper make it ideal for chile rellenos, but they are also great in a million other recipes, whether canned, dried or fresh. Please use caution when cleaning this and other peppers, the juice can cause skin burn. Cleaning under running water or wearing rubber gloves is recommended.

Days To Maturity: 70-90


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