Suståne Compost Tea Bags

OMRI Listed. This Organic Fertilizer Offers Dual Applications In One Simple Bag.
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  • Bundle of 5, 12 packs
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  • Case of 5, 50 packs
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Suståne Compost Tea Bags are filled with a high quality compost that is the basis for great soil in this OMRI listed fertilizer/soil amendment. The pathogen and weed free compost in these bags is made without bone or blood products. These 21-gram tea bags provide a powerful, effective and effortless way to give your plants a controlled dose of nutrients in either a foliar or soil application.

There are many benefits to using Suståne Compost Tea Bags as a foliar application (compost tea) or as a soil application (roto feeder) including:

  • The compost in these bags is packed with beneficial micro-organisms that rapidly multiply during the brewing process while converting the available nutrients to a water soluble form that plants love.
  • This nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer is readily available for the plant to use, resulting in rapid response and improvement in overall plant health.
  • These permeable and biodegradable paper packets require no additional measuring or equipment.
  • The tea bag stimulates root growth, which gives the plant improved water holding capacity and nutrient uptake capabilities.
  • Increased root growth enhances the soil by providing increased porosity and stability, allowing for improved water retention and drought resistance.
  • Healthier soil can better suppress plant pathogens and protect itself from changes in soil pH.
  • These easy-to-use tea bags will bring new life to your soil and you will see that reflected in no time in the bright, beautiful blooms and fruits that will appear!


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