Plants for Dry Climates by Mary Rose Duffield and Warren Jones

How to select, grow and enjoy in an arid climate.
  • Plants for Dry Climates by Mary Rose Duffield and Warren Jones
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While the Southwest has plenty of people and plenty of heat and sunshine, water remains limited. From Southern California to West Texas, in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, homeowners seek new ways to enjoy a lush environment while conserving water resources. Plants for Dry Climates is a unique book that caters to this thirsty audience, with information that comprises both good landscape design and essential cultural information for nearly 450 plants. It provides readers with information they need to plan a complete landscape that includes both mini-oasis features as well as arid-landscape plantings. This revised edition of Plants for Dry Climates provides descriptions of more than 350 plant species in an extensive plant encyclopedia section, with entries including description, situational photos, and requirements: zone, soil, sun, water, temperature, and maintenance.

Softcover: 224 pages

Authors: Mary Rose Duffield and Warren Jones

ISBN: 978-1555612511

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