Organic Gardener Kit

Every gardener wants their garden to look its very best and this kit will help you make it so!
  • Organic Gardener Kit
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This kit is a selection of products that will take you from seed to harvest.

To ensure that your garden is the best, we've created this organic gardening kit to include a great mix of popular products for soil care and pest prevention.

Arbico's Organic Gardener Kit is designed to help new and advanced gardeners make sure that their garden and plants get off to the best start possible. This kit includes a fantastic mix of 7 products that will help you improve your gardening skills, your soil and everything that grows in your garden!

The Organic Gardener Kit Includes:
Arbico Organics Compost Plus – 1 lb. bag
Root Maximizer Beneficial Fungi – 1/2 lb.
Arbico Organics Rice Hulls – 1/2 cu. ft. bag
Arbico Organics Worm Castings – 1 lb. bag
Arbico Organics Garden Planner
Arbico Organics Thermometer
• Grow Organic by Doug Oster & Jessica Walliser

Organic Gardening Starter Kit

Organic gardener - gardening kit

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