Monterey Odor Eliminator RTU - 32 oz.

Eliminates Pet and Human Odors Using Enzymes.
  • Monterey Odor Eliminator RTU - 32 oz.
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This easy-to-use and earth-friendly deodorizer is made from a combination of enzymes that go to work quickly to eliminate organic odors. Its non-caustic, water soluble and biodegradable formula makes it gentle on the environment; however, it is anything but gentle on odors. It can be used indoors on walls, carpets, crawl spaces, floors and bathrooms to eliminate the smell of such things as smoke, vomit, feces, urine, or dead animals. It is effective at any temperature so it can be used outside in problem areas like garbage cans, dumpsters, kennels and barns. Simply remove the organic matter causing the odor and spray the area. It does not generally stain; but, if you are concerned, you should test a small area first.


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