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NS/S Bean Seeds - Pima Orange Lima

Phaseolus lunatas

Native to the Tropics, These Lima Beans Can Be Grown in Arid Climates
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  • NS/S Bean Seeds - Pima Orange Lima
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Native to the tropics of the New World, lima beans are thought to have appeared in the Southwestern United States around 1000 AD. Since their arrival, these plants have been valued for their tolerance to salt and alkaline soils as well as heat. These particular seeds are brought to us by the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona. Plants will vine abundantly and will need to be trellised or given ample room to sprawl (up to 40 ft/12 m). Seed pods will yield broad, flat beans with wonderful colors ranging from pale beige to orange and mottled in black. Beans can be eaten green or dried. You can harvest the dried pods throughout the season, or the whole plant at once.

Each package contains approximately 25 seeds/20 g.

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