JT Eaton™ Answer® Collapsible Medium Animal Trap

Humane Traps for Squirrels, Rabbits, Pack Rats, Raccoons and Skunks.
  • JT Eaton™ Answer® Collapsible Medium Animal Trap
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This handy collapsible trap is the perfect way to humanely trap and re-locate a range of animal pests, including rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and pack rats. This trap is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel and has a single, spring-loaded gravity action door. Only minor assembly required; you will simply insert the included supports and retainer mesh, set the trap and go. Smooth edges protect your hands while setting the trap and reduce injury to any animals you may catch. You can use this trap indoors or out, but it is best placed where children and pets cannot get to it.

  • Fully illustrated instructions included.
  • 24" x 7"x 7" when assembled.
  • Low profile shape helps keep skunks from spraying.

Note: Be sure to follow local and state laws regarding trapping. In some some states, neighbor notification is required and relocation of animals is prohibited. Additionally, removal of an animal causing damage may only provide temporary relief as new animals from the surrounding area often fill the vacancy unless other preventive action is taken, such as controlling the animals' access to your home, yard or garden. Locate a humane wildlife technician through the Humane Wildlife Control Association.


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