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Beef Cattle: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit

Part of the Hobby Farms Series
  • Beef Cattle: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit
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Whether you're a weekend gardener or a dedicated small farmer, you'll gather a bushel of essential information from Beef Cattle.  Anyone interested in raising cattle will benefit from Beef Cattle, a hands-on guide to feeding, handling and raising a small herd. With helpful tips, full-color photos, and a comprehensive glossary, this book offers everything a small-scale farmer needs to succeed. Put together on glossy, flexible and thick paper stock, Beef Cattle will easily survive repeated reading or referencing.

Especially interesting are the helpful tips included from experts. I especially liked the tip that cows are creatures of habit. One “expert” trained his cows to change pasture at dawn…then realized he didn’t want to get up at dawn every day of the year! He successfully changed the time to evening. However, one cow was sold because she just didn’t understand the change, and continued to bellow outside his bedroom every dawn, waiting to change pasture!

Beef Cattle enables the reader to:

• Choose the breed that's best for your farm,
• Construct practical fencing and shelter.
• Keep your herd healthy with a nutritious diet.
• Nurture purchased calves or breed your own.
• Spot symptoms of common cattle diseases.
• Produce hormone-free beef for your family and friends.
• Explore cattle resources and Web sites.

Also included in Beef Cattle are a handy index and a brief summary of Beef Cattle afflictions.

ISBN-13: 978-193199368-5
Format: Paperback, 168pp


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