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Earthway® EV-N-SPRED 3400 Hand Seeder & Spreader®

A Versatile Hand Spreader for Targeted and Controlled Seed Broadcast, Granular Amendment Dispersal, Spot Treating and Ice Control!
  • Earthway® EV-N-SPRED 3400 Hand Seeder & Spreader®
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The Earthway® EV-N-SPRED 3400 Hand Seeder & Spreader® is ideal for spot treating areas with granulated amendments and for targeted seed broadcasting. A unique feature of this hand spreader is the ergonomically designed handle that fits small to medium hands (right-handed). It has an easy pull-trigger for on-off functions, flow rate control is on the handle, and it has an enclosed gearbox for smooth anti-skip control. This rust-free, all plastic spreader is easy to clean. The spreader has a high-powered hand-crank to power the device and can cover an area of approximately 110 cu. in. when the 1.8 liter receptacle is filled. The integrated, ergonomic scoop design allows for an easy retrieval of product to be dispersed, with minimal contact. This product's ability to target areas and control the rate of broadcast will save money on seed, ice melt and soil amendments. This spreader is ideal for smaller urban landscapes, gardens, lawns, and icy outdoor areas.

Use Recommendations:

Use as a targeted dispersal method for granulated fertilizers and amendments. Use for spot treating areas of lawns that require reseeding. A great product for broadcasting seeds when planting crops like mixed baby greens. Control spread and target desired areas for seeding flower beds and landscaped areas. In addition, this versatile spreader can be used to broadcast ice melt over specific areas (not for use with rock salt).

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