Fly Eliminators™ Programs

In 4 easy steps you can create a Fly Eliminator™ program to fit your specific needs.

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About Fly Eliminators
Fly Eliminators are gnat-sized, nocturnal, burrowing insects that do not bite, sting, or harm humans and animals. Adaptable to all climates, these parasites reproduce in two to three weeks, thus constantly reinforcing the beneficial population. Expect a reduction in general fly population in four to six weeks.

At night ARBICO's tiny parasites seek out the pupa of the fly. They make a tiny tear in the pupa to feed and the females deposit (oviposit) their eggs within the pupa. Those eggs in turn begin to develop and feed on the developing fetal fly... eliminating flies. In about 17 to 21 days those parasites will hatch out of the fly pupa and begin the cycle all over again. Releasing parasites is fun and something the whole family can do together. Fly Eliminators are safe, non-toxic, and very affordable - especially when compared to poisons!

Life Cycle of the Fly
The fly lays an egg that looks like a speck of sugar. Within a short time, literally hours, the egg develops into a larva that we call a maggot, which is microscopic and so small it is almost impossible to see. This little maggot is light sensitive and with it's strong little body writhes and undulates itself deep into the ground and manure away from the outdoor light. Once buried, it continues to feed and grow until it reaches a certain size and then it pupates. This is the cocoon stage of the fly which looks like the size and shape of a piece of rice and chocolate in color.

How To Order
Choose your Zone, Number of Animal, Program and Shipping start date from the selections above. For more information about each option, click the "More Information" icon.
All Fly Eliminators programs will be set to paid in full unless stated otherwise on the order setup. Please specify if you would like to Pay Per Shipment on the Shipping Info checkout page under Special Instructions or Comments.

Fly Control Zone Map
Find Your Fly Zone
Begin with the zone for the state you are in. Dates shown on the map indicate suggested start and end dates for Fly Eliminator shipments. You may want to shift a zone if your elevation or microclimate is unusual. You can start anytime during the fly season.

Choose "Year Round" for climates that have flies all year and start now.
Be sure to account for all animals and livestock on your property when selecting the number of horses. Not sure what you need? Give us a call at 1-800-827-2847.

What you will recieve:
  • 1 Horse:           1/4 Unit
  • 2-5 Horses:      1/2 Unit
  • 6-10 Horses:    1 Unit
  • 11-15 Horses:  1 1/2 Units
  • 16-20 Horses:  2 Units
  • 21-25 Horses:  2 1/2 Units
  • 26-30 Horses:  3 Units
  • 31-35 Horses:  3 1/2 Units
  • 36-40 Horses:  4 Units
  • 41-45 Horses:  4 1/2 Units
  • 46-50 Horses:  5 Units
Program TypeShipment/Application Frequency
REGULAR PROGRAMS:Ships every 4 weeks. For low to average fly levels, frequent manure management and few neighbors.
Ships every 3 weeks. For high fly levels or weekly manure management or nearby livestock.
Select from the dropdown list to customize the number of shipments and program start/end date. The schedule will display below for your review when a selection is made.

For "Year Round" programs, shipments will start immediately. Not sure what you need? Give us a call at 1-800-827-2847.


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