Essential Mosquito Control Bundle

A Potent Combination Of Repellents & A Larvicide For Complete Mosquito Control!
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  • Essential Mosquito Control Bundle
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The Essential Mosquito Control Bundle has everything you need to stay ahead of mosquitoes this summer! This combination of personal mosquito repellents and a natural larvicide allows homeowners and backyard lovers to effectively control mosquitoes without polluting the environment. It is perfect for home use, around businesses and other similar areas.

What's In The Bundle:

Mosquito Bits kill mosquito larvae developing in muddy areas and standing water. This disrupts their life cycle and provides continual control as the season progresses. Once they start killing the larvae, there will be a corresponding reduction in adults in that area. With the two mosquito repellents included, you can successfully keep mosquitoes away from friends, family members, pets and yourself.

Don't forget to keep your backyard area as clean as possible – remove debris, keep grass short and prune trees/shrubs. This can reduce "hot spots" (breeding sites) and make any mosquito control treatments more effective. This is the beginning of your integrated mosquito control efforts.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Mosquitoes


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