Terroir Seeds - Epazote

A Culinary Essential for Mexican Cuisine.
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Epazote has been coveted since the days of the Aztec for its culinary and medicinal properties. Also known as Wormseed, American Wormseed, Mexican Tea or Herba Sancti Mariae, this plant can be found growing wild along roads in the United States. It even grows in New York City's Central Park! Epazote gets its name from the Nahuatl word epazōtl, which means skunk sweat. The less-than-flattering name comes from the plant's pungent flavor. This herb imparts a distinctive flavor associated with many dishes in traditional Mexican cuisine. Epazote is a staple in bean dishes for its anti-flatulence properties.Epazote self sows wildly, so use caution in placement. It is very suitable for container plantings.

Germination Temperature: 75 - 80° F.
Germination: 5 – 14 Days
Days to Maturity: 45 - 65 Days
Difficulty: Easy

Each package contains approximately 100 seeds.

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