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Make Your Soil Shine With This Multi-Faceted Soil Enhancer.
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This all-round blend of biochar and nutrients will elevate your soil (or soilless media) and improve the effectiveness of any fertilizers or amendments you add to it. It will also make a killer compost tea. Although this blend is made with glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid and worm castings, the driving force behind it is biochar.

Biochar is known to:

  • Rejuvenate soil carbon levels
  • Trap and hold nutrients to decrease nutrient runoff
  • Sequester CO2 in the soil
  • Encourage microbial health
  • Increase water use efficiency
Earthshine uses these benefits of biochar to improve new soil performance, boost performance of old soil and maximize effectiveness of microbial inoculants. As a result, it helps growers save money on water and fertilizer costs as well as by increasing soil's longevity.

Suggested Uses: Use to boost soil or soilless media when planting or transplanting, to reinvigorate old soil, as a top dress to add micronutrients and for brewing compost tea.


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