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Hulless Oats

Avena nuda

Early Maturing Cover Crop Great For Mulch, Grain Or Forage.
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Hulless Oats, Avena nuda is an early-maturing variety that grows to 3' tall. They grow quickly in cool, moist conditions. It is recommended to plant in early spring for an oat crop; plant up to the middle of autumn as a cover crop. Hulless oats shed their husks when harvested and threshed. Any hulls that remain can be floated off (air dry after).

Oat straw provides an excellent mulch. Once harvest is complete, leave the stubble to hold the soil over winter.


  • Vegetation mats and holds soil. Forms a mulched bed for spring planting.
  • Resistant to crown rot.
  • Can be used for grain or forage. Feed entire stalks to horses, goats and sheep. Feed seed to chickens.
  • Adapts well to wet soils.

Germination Temp.………59° to 73°F ambient


Usage Rate:

  • Seed at 2 – 3 lbs per 1,000 square ft.
  • Seed at 80 lbs per acre.

Suggested Use: Use every bit of this plant – use the grain for breakfast, stalks for horses, seeds for chickens and the last of the hay is excellent in compost piles or left in place to provide a mulched bed for spring.


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