This calcium concentrate is for indoor or outdoor gardens and landscapes. Promotes growth and increases yield.
  • For Apple and Fruit Trees - 8 oz
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Calcium-25 helps eliminate problems associated with calcium deficiency like blossom-end rot in tomatoes and peppers, bitter-pit in apples, cavity spot in carrots, and "tip-burn" in some brassica crops. Calcium-25 works to increase crop yields and lengthen the produce storage period.

Calcium-25 differs from other forms of calcium for plants. Its patented formula allows for more efficient absorption by the plant when applied properly at the optimal temperature for the plant. The calcium in this unique product has been attached to waxy compounds. Plant leaves contain waxy components that aid in protection and growth regulation. When plants are actively growing, these waxy compounds will allow substances to permeate into the leaf. When correctly applied to growing foliage, absorption of the calcium occurs because the waxy compound in the formula mimics those that naturally occur on leaf surfaces. Once permeated, calcium spreads through the plant, promoting growth.


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