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NS/S White Mountain Apache Sorghum Seeds

Sorghum bicolor

A Sweet Treat From The Arizona Mountains.
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  • NS/S White Mountain Apache Sorghum Seeds
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This red-seeded sorghum hails from Cibeque, Arizona, in the White Mountains of Northern Arizona on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Sorghum, originally from Africa, was introduced to North America as a source for grain and animal forage. It quickly found a place in the more arid climates as it proved to be very heat and drought tolerant. It also proved to be an exceptional sugar substitute; its sweet stalks can be chewed raw or made into molasses and syrup. These plants can grow as high as 7 feet tall.

Use Instructions:In the spring, or with summer rains, broadcast seed and rake in, or plant ½" deep and 10" apart. Thin to allow space, as plants will tiller (sprout stalks from base).

Days to Maturity:             90

What's in the package:    Approximately 75 seeds per packet.

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